Philosophy literally means 'the love of wisdom'. It is the study of our most fundamental questions. Questions that are connected to existence, reality, ethics, knowledge, reason and even consciousness. On the other side of the spectrum there is food. It is one of key parts for our survival, and the survival of all animals. Food is normally grasped as one of the simplest things.

So why would anyone philosophize about something as simple as food?

Unfortunately, in the modern age the link between the food on our plate and its origin is no longer available. With the industrial revolution, food production accelerated to the point where we usually don't know where our food came from, who made it, what happened in the process and what were the implications of preparing that food. This means that the price for the meal on your plate may be more than just money. One's food choices may mean life or death for other earthlings. Food production may render great impact on the ecology of our planet and your health.

All this means is that food is no longer the simple thing it used to be. Food has a universal impact. Studying the philosophy of food means redefining ethics. This is the goal of this codex.

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