This site contains a partial collection of my typed notes. It is also a homage to one of my all time favorites: Leonardo da Vinci, and for this reason I chose the name Open Codices.

Open Codices includes ideas, thoughts, calculations, experiences, poems and other writings. It is a medium I use to to express my journey to the heart of mother Nature and her never ending secrets.

Long ago I decided that my goal and passion in life is to attempt to understand the world around us. This led me to focus on mathematics and physics in my studies. Nevertheless, I am weary of specializations. I believe true understanding is only found in synergy. For this reason, it is my hope to use Open Codices to explore the interconnectivity of the world as a whole - to paint the big picture of this magnificent labyrinth called knowledge.

Since I love writing and typing is usually faster and more accessible than a real notebook, I think this site complements my actual notebooks pretty well. I think communicating, and in particular writing, is the best way to mature one's thoughts. One of my teachers, Dr. Lydia Peres Hari, once said that there are three levels of knowledge: the first is when you learn something, the second is when you practice it and the highest level is achieved when one transfers this knowledge to another. So in case you are reading this blog, thanks for the important lesson you're giving me!

Please don't hesitate to send any feedback or questions. Discussions are always encouraged.

- Yaron Hadad

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