A strange world

Posted on Sep 5, 2013 in Philosophy, Poetry | 6 Comments
A strange world

It is a strange world.

We are attached to a giant rock, rapidly revolving around an immense ball of fire.
About this perpetual flame other marble-like globes dance in a ceremonial precision.
On a grander scale, this entire design wanders by the edge of an animated octopus we call 'galaxy'.

How bizarre.

The arena is empty.
Mostly a dark void sprinkled with countless balls of fire,
surrounded by other rocks and far exotic objects that we don't seem to comprehend.
It is always much easier to name things than to grasp them.

A perplexing reality.

Magnifying our giant rock uncovers concealed layers of onion.
From a heart made of iron to a skin composed of air.
In-between them is that thing we call Life.

As for yourself,
you are a body confined to a fraction of space, forcefully attached to the surface of a rock.
You are consciousness restricted to the Now, distinct and yet inseparable from all.
The body is not what defines you, but the consciousness one cannot define.

The essence of your being is a constant desire,
blended in shades of pain
with touches of joy.

Gazing out of our rock you only see the past.
On it you are lost in the present.
But to the future you are blind.

Is your gift - the present a mere deceit?!

This rock we call home is indeed rocking, and that immense flame in the sky is indeed flaming.
To its rhythm we vibrate between day and night, between magnificent colors and solitary darkness.
The latter is experienced through realistic dreams, and the former unfolds the surreal truth.

However, the biggest wonder of them all is not this outlandish arrangement.
Neither is its magical functionality.

As whether balls of fire, floating rocks or any other devices - one can always marvel on the mere existence of things.

The most inconvenient truth is existence itself.
Why 'is' rather than ' ' ?

What a strange world.


  1. dec
    September 6, 2013

    Brother Yaron..
    You have said it all..... You must be indoctrinated ! I feel blessed to have met you and sailed a while with you on the magic carpet.

    I now belive you have moved a step closer to transparency. I now call you 'Yaron the Hunter'

    Be now Be lieve and Be loved but always be Love


    • Yaron
      September 6, 2013

      Yo Dec!

      Indoctrinated into what?

      The universe will forever seem magical to me, otherwise there is no reason to be here.
      And BTW, calling a vegan like me a hunter is like calling a tomato "mushroom".

      I am blessed to have met you.

      Believe in Now - this should be the topic of my next poem!

      Yaron the Tomato, ahhhh.... the Hunter

      • dec
        September 8, 2013

        A hunter of Wisdom man wisdom :) Dusty brought me a gift from the ocean this morning, poignant and beautiful :)

        • Yaron
          September 8, 2013

          I'm definitely a hunter in that sense. Thanks.

          What gift did she give you?

  2. dec
    September 25, 2013

    Dusty brought me a white plastic bag...she was so excited to give it to me. It was very ironic though because j had just got a bill for my caravan site which was much more expensive than i'd expected. So dusty speeding towards me and gently releasing this empty white bag that she took from mother ocean just for me was so telling. It was like she was saying 'Dec man you don't belong to the monetary world you belong to the magical world ' :)

    I have just read your latest poem and its beautiful thank you for sharing it with me. I will digest it more then give you my reflection on it.

    Good night Brother

    • Yaron
      September 26, 2013

      She is so cool.

      Dec man, you don't belong to the monetary world. You belong to the magical world!

      Good night 😉